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Issue No. 1 (13), 2023

Message from Deputy Chief Editor Download 

Rubric “Digital education paradigm”

A.S. Chernavskiy, F.V. Bulygin, M.D. Dushenko Download 
The Development of Artifical Intelligence and Generative Models as a Modern Cross-disciplinary Civilizational Challenge at the Beginning of the 21st Century.
V.V. Kubko, A.V. Solomatina Download 
Use of Modern Visualization Tools in the Educational Process as a Way to Reboot Classical Pedagogy.
Rubric «First steps»
N.D. Sakhno Download 
Methodology of Infographic Development in Literature Lessons at Modern Schools.
M.A. Lapina, V.L. Vaskov, S.A. Lagunova, M.D. Fedorenko Download 
Study of Effectiveness of Gamification as a Means of Increasing Motivation and Productivity in the Learning Process.
V.N. Kormakova, P.A. Alekseeva, V.V. Kudelya, V.V. Lapin Download 
Introduction of Digital Technologies in School Education.
V.A. Demenkova, V.S. Kurbatova, O.I. Pankratova, A.O. Samkova, L.R. Sirazhdinova, M.A. Sklifus Download 
Development of a chatbot MEMORIZER on the Telegram platform for memorizing foreign words.