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Issue № 1 (1), 2020

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Message from editor-in-chief Download 


Rubric “Digitalization of additional education

E.Yu. Lazareva, D.A. Kudryavtseva Download 
Moscow Holidays in Moscow State Pedagogical University Project: “From Digit to Meaning. Future Here and Now” as a new form of additional education for children.
O.V. Gordienko, A.A. Sokolova Download 
Children and digital text: forms of work with schoolchildren.
N.S. Borovik Download 
On-line training of pedagogical specialists in the field of foreign language communicative competence.

Rubric “The digital education paradigm

I.B. Ignatova, E.S. Zubarkina Download 
Distance learning in Russia and abroad: a review of research.
A.V. Zemlyanskij Download 
Reorganization of educational formats and tools in the context of distance learning.
A.K. Salenko Download 
The role of mass open online courses in the system of modern Russian education.

Rubric “Digitalization of secondary specialized and higher education”

M.V. Glebova, D.R. Urazaeva Download 
Features of remote testing as a form of control of students’ knowledge.