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Editorial policy

The journal “Questions of the Digital Education” is an electronic-network scientific publication about research in pedagogy, psychology and the history of philosophy. The focus of the editors and authors is the educational process in the field of general and vocational education, network education. The journal has a complex and interdisciplinary character.

The goals and objectives of the journal:

  • promoting the high quality of Russian general and vocational education;
  • dissemination of information about scientific knowledge and research conducted by Russian and foreign scientists and educators in the humanitarian area and the possibilities of their implementation in the educational process;
  • updating the content of university education through the introduction of the results of fundamental research on topical issues of modern humanitarian knowledge and the development of new educational technologies;
  • creating a wide field for professional communication between teachers of domestic and foreign universities;
  • popularization of experience, increasing the prestige and competitiveness of Russian higher education in the international scientific and educational space.

The structure of the journal  meets the designated goals and objectives and includes the following permanent headings.

Scientific direction of the publication by branches of science:

Pedagogical Sciences;

Psychological Sciences;

Philosophical sciences.

Other important tasks of the journal are:

  • coverage of important scientific events;
  • publication of reviews of monographs, textbooks, book novelties, designed to help teachers navigate the modern scientific literature;
  • organization of scientific controversy on topical issues of modern humanitarian knowledge.

The principles of the journal’s editorial activity  are professionalism, innovativeness, interdisciplinarity, observance of publishing ethics, and openness. Thanks to this policy, the authors of the journal are both reputable scientists and teachers, as well as novice researchers from the Russian Federation, countries of near and far abroad.

The important aspects of the log policy are the following:

  • the decision on publication, the need for revision or rejection of thematically inappropriate or improperly designed materials is made by the editorial board, consisting of specialists competent in the scientific community; manuscripts rejected by the editors are not reviewed and are not returned;
  • checking through the Antiplagiat system, careful reviewing, editing and proofreading of materials placed in the publication in accordance with the requirements for the publication of scientific literature; the editors reserve the right to make shortening and editorial corrections, while observing the principles of scientific ethics;
  • the authors are responsible for the factual materials cited in the articles; the materials posted in the journal reflect the personal point of view of the authors, which may not coincide with the opinion of the editors;
  • sending an article to the editor means the author’s consent to publish it in the journal “Questions of the Digital Education”, posting the article on the journal’s website, as well as transferring the text of the article to third parties (providing data to whom is mandatory) in order to provide the possibility of citing the publication and increasing the author’s citation index and journal;
  • reprinting of materials published in the journal without the written permission of the editors is not allowed; violation of the exclusive rights of the editorial office to use the materials submitted for publication and processed by the editorial office is punishable by law;
  • the journal is a royalty-free publication.